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Two Decades of Investigative Excellence

Troy K. Sanchez, Private Investigator in Albuquerque, NM brings the experience you can rely on to gather information with integrity and discretion for your legal concerns. Our team is fully licensed and bonded – with the tools and resources needed to expediently and accurately secure the information that’s often vital to your legal issues.

About the Owner

Lead investigator and owner Troy K. Sanchez brings more than two decades of respected expertise to our team of private investigators. We are the trusted source of critical information to clarify your legal options for a wide range of interests and issues.

Powerful Results for Your Case

Working in tandem with your law firm or law enforcement we can provide you with the investigative knowledge, resources and leg work to get any job done accurately and thoroughly

Our goal is to provide the most ethical practices for the most powerful results for your most complete information, evidence, and discovery of facts.

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